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Customer Testimonials

"Denise Johnson as we affectionately call "DJ" is one of the sharpest businesswomen I know! She's an excellent Sales Leader & Trainer. Talk about thinking "outside the box"? This is the Queen! Keep up the great work Denise! Hey-do YOU need a great Massage Therapist? Better get Denise NOW before her calendar fills up! GOOO girl! DHH.

-Diane Hall-Harvey Posh Protege at Perfectly Posh LLC

"Denise has a contageous zest for life. I love her enthusiasm, combined with her creativity and leadership skills. Anyone working with Denise should consider themselves to be very fortunate"

-Kathy Paauw Relationship Marketing Consultant, Gratitude Coach

"Denise bopped in my wellness center, gosh, I don't know how many years ago, and wanted to rent an office to further establish her massage therapy business. . . and she did just that. Her clients were smitten with her genuine passion for their well being. I remember watching clients as they left Denise's room ... hair sticking up - a glazed smile on their faces, not a care in the world --- a warm hug, and they were on their way. Although better trained and technically superior to most other massage therapists, you'd never know it from her humble, welcoming demeanor"

-Sally StJohn Rehabilitation Counselor III - State of Nevada

Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation

"Denise is a results driven person that always gives her clients100%. Her commitment to her

clients is only secondary to her knowledge of and the pursuit of knowledge in her profession.

I have known Denise since 1996 when she worked with the Olympic committee here in Atlanta. Our business and personal relationship has grown over the years and I have recommended her to my clients when they have traveled to her part of the country.

As a Therapist, there are few that are at her level

As a Friend there is none better"

-Steve Hilton Owner, Atlanta OnSite Massage

Denise Johnson has always been a hard working message therapist -always on time, and always making that "extra effort" to make sure your experience is relaxing, healthy and memorable. Attaining a wealth of knowledge about the human body, Denise adds that additional element of sharing valuable information during a session, making a person want to take better care of themselves and of course, looking forward to that next massage appointment - wanting it to last 3 hours, instead of 2.

I highly recommend Denise Johnson.

-David Syring Founder and Content Manager of Listed Green

Denise has the ability to release all those stress knots from my overworked body. She is absolutely amazing and everyone must have her work on them!

-Magdalena Brandon Owner at Magdalena's

Denise Johnson has mastered the art and science of massage therapy! More importantly, she is passionate about transforming our health & wellness-one massage at a time! She is the best in the business!

-Kevin Wagner Realtor, Platinum Real Estate Professionals

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